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Optimisation & Bug Fixes #2
[Image: forumheaderdevelopment.png]
Greetings all,
Once again as we progress through the servers early stages we expect bugs to come up and other problems to arise like balancing issues along with other quality of life changes to be made. Below is a list of the second round of changes;

Bug Fixes;
  • Horses not longer go invisible upon colliding with a player
  • Furnaces/Distilleries go back into inventory upon disconnecting
  • Hitching Post text now appears
  • Players can now switch from Gunsmith to Westerner
  • No longer losing items equipped upon crash/disconnect
  • No longer able to place stove as a non-cook roles
  • Government can no longer moonshine/mine/fish
  • Admins can now pickup/remove players placed entities
  • General store no longer freezes when scrolling through icons
  • No longer able to empty another players inventory by pressing 'e'
  • Mailer UI no longer freezes
  • HUD now should appear correctly on the stove
  • Destroying a moonshine distillery now gives $0.25
  • Addition of !esp for staff
  • Corn can now go into a stew
  • "Idle" role for players who have been AFK for more than 5 minutes
  • Removed Prop cleanup notification
  • Increased inventory to 65
  • Increased AFK timer
  • Reduced Hunger drain by a further 15%
This was the main bulk work within the second round of fixes, hopefully as the days progress less and less bugs should be noticed, at which point we aim to begin work on Beta1.1, with more details on that being released in the Community Meeting.
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Great update good job lads
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