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First day on JS
So after playing 8 hours of the server

I am enjoying myself more than i thought i would as usually Wild West isnt really my go to, of course there are some good things, some bad things no ones perfect currently sitting on $35 plus a $15 hourse which is not bad at all heres my thoughts

Moonshine system -

Very cool, in depth system i really do like it the moneys good and all round fun to do

Fishing System - 

Enjoy the fishing system i love how its not 100% fish and you have the chance of getting something really bad and something really good worth ($1) 

Mining - Mining is a pain in the arse but a good one i really enjoy it and the system is very good and unique however the long runs back and fourth are quite a pain but thats what grinding is about

Delivery Job -

Did my first job Today at approximately 3AM was really fun however does need some improvements half the time i didnt have a clue where i was going the Metre system is cool but i felt like a bit more detail is needed just to help those who have never seen the map before

I Would love to hear your thoughts i have racked up about 8+ hours now and just reached $36 + a $15 horse which is good and i will carry on happily earning the cashola
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Yesterday was really good, I think mining at least could do with some upgrades but for launch day it's good and enjoyable and will be for quite some time. Was a pretty friendly atmosphere with everyone trying to figure out what to do.
I spent roughly 1-2 hours of mining. Managed to buy a horse for $15, but now I'm down to like $2.

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Hands up, criminal! Pay the fine right HERE!
I have moonshined every second of the day and it has been fun, much more interaction with other players than I was expecting!

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I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves, the server has been somewhat of a passion project for the past 6 months, and its certainly comforting to see people enjoying the server especially considering the issues at launch.

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