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Optimisation & Bug Fixes
[Image: forumheaderdevelopment.png]

Greetings all,

As expected even after our very buggy day-1 release there is an array of new problems that have occurred some smaller than others however all important in the grand scheme of things. The fixes, along with changes can be seen below;

Bug Fixes;
  • Furnaces/Distillery can no longer be duplicated
  • Lanterns no longer duplicate upon holstering
  • HUD sometimes did not appear on the stove, therefore unable to turn it on, problem now rectified.
  • Staff Members can now edit laws
  • Lasso now releases players who are too far away
  • Lasso now releases arrested players
  • Fishing Rod now holsters correctly
  • Addition of Inventory Full Notification
  • Usernames are not displayed on the scoreboard instead of RP names
  • Removal of farmer playermodel
  • Nerf on Gun Locker prices
  • Wardrobe size changed from 5 to 0
  • Reduction on Lantern Price
  • Reduction on Gramophone Price
  • Nerfing Hunger
As we progress more changes and bugfixes will occur to ensure the server is as balanced as enjoyable as possible, along with this will come quality of life changes to ensure the frontier is the best it can be!
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