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Post-Release Community Meeting (20/12/20)
[Image: K2J4Ing.png]
Greetings All,
It was always part of the plan to ensure continued Community Meetings throughout the year, to monitor the progress of the server and allow for continued involvement from the playerbase. We intended to host a Pre-Release and Post-Release meeting 2 weeks before and after release. However of course, 2 weeks after release takes us to the Christmas week, therefore we've decided to pull it forward.

The aim of this meeting will be to understand the players concerns so far and allow them to express any suggestions or concerns they have regarding the server. In the meeting we will listen to any suggestions people may have within any aspect of the community; however we do not promise that any of the suggestions will be implemented, however they will be noted and discussed where we can.

We aim to have this meeting on Sunday December 20th at 8pm GMT, and like the previous meeting will run on a priority speaking system, where all members will be muted and can request to be unmuted in a separate chat. Another adjacent chat will be available for those to make comments or for those who would rather not speak. 

We look forward to seeing you in the meeting and hope as many of you can attend as possible!
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