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Horses for the "Government"
Free or rentable horses for the sheriff and Deputy's, I think the number of "government officials" don't really stand a chance against the nasty criminals.


-More incising for new players to try the sheriff and deputy job! 
-Sheriffs will be stronger and faster putting up a better fight.


-Could create a unbalance between the "government" and the "criminals" 

I totally understand that this is the first day of launch, but just thought I would post it to see what people's opinions are.
+Support Rentable horses for the duration of the sheriff's time as sheriff. Should be fairly cheap but still cost.

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+Support i feel like it would be way better if you still have to pay for the government vehicle, however its much cheaper and can of course only be used when your on the job!
Could be done through a modified "Government Hitching Post".

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Subsidised horses for government but also have a limit for the sheriffs, meaning there is only say 3 horses available directly from the government. Personal horses could always be used though.
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Hands up, criminal! Pay the fine right HERE!
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