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Welcome to Jaggedsprings!
[Image: K2J4Ing.png]

After months of work and numerous disagreements, debates and on the rare occasion arguments we are eventually proud to bring you the official Beta 1.0 release of Jaggedsprings Wild West RP servers. The 'Wild West' period is something we are all interested in. The idea of a Wild West server stretches back to something I worked on a long time ago and since then its been a pipedream that has never come to fruition, however between the 3 of us we've managed to turn this pipedream into something we are all immensely proud of. The last few months has been not only a challenge but a learning curve for all of us as we've come up to speed with the lingo of the Development world as well as managing finances and deadlines, however like every project we were not the only ones pouring blood sweat and tears into it. 

The majority of what you see on our server is down to our extremely talented Developer team, in which we are extremely grateful and pleased with the quality of their work and for the most part the speed they delivered it in. With special thanks to all those who helped along the way to make this possible;

Staff Team
Joe Joe - Financier, Discord/Forum work
Forgee - Financier, Development Manager
Luftwaffle - Financier
RedPanda - Bug Testing & Additional Support
Ducktard - Bug Testing & Additional Support

Development Team
Waythink - Mail system, Gun Locker, Cooking, Wardrobe System, Food, Guns, Lantern, Items, Bugfixing, Mapper
my_hat_stinks - SWEPS, Admin System, Model Selector, Fishing, Items, Bugfixing
Hercles421 - Trainstation NPC, Stablehand and Hitching post, Bugfixing
Fortune - GUI (Hud, Scoreboard & F1 Menu), General Store NPC, Introduction
Doctor_Internet - Donation System, Forum Work
Momo - Modeller
Hosti - Modeller (Props + Playermodels)
Conn - Moonshining, Mining
NvC_DmN_CH - SWEP Models
Fischer - Loading Screen
ThomasFromtheNorth - Mapper
arachnit - Prop-porting

Bobby - Bug Testing
Pulka - Bug Testing
Ryan - Bug Testing
Alfie - Bug Testing
Dylan - Bug Testing
Eoin - Bug Testing
Kappatalist - Bug Testing

We'd also like to give a special thanks to our Beta-Testers, their work over the past week has been detrimental in ironing out the major bugs and ensuring the server is as playable as possible for the release. Since the beginning of the testing period they have found near enough to 100 bugs and for that we are greatful.

We hope you enjoy Jaggedsprings for the unique experience it brings allowing players to roleplay in the Wild West era, see you on the frontier! Before you join though ensure to have downloaded the content pack (Even if you have installed it you will need to reinstall it) : Once thats done put 'connect' into your Gmod console
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