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Creating an Unblacklist Request
When would I make an Unblacklist Request?

When on our services there is a chance you could receive a blacklist. What this entails is removing access to a certain area of the game whether it be taking your use of the physgun for a set time for misusing props etc. However there is also the chance that you may deem a blacklist invalid and if that is so and its inline with the guidelines you may feel free to make an unblacklist request (UBLR)

Unblacklist Request Guidelines

When creating an unban request we expect players to read and follow the rules regarding their appeal;
  • All Unblacklist Requests must follow the template listed below or they may be instantly denied
  • Blacklists may only be appealed up to 2 weeks after their expiration.
  • All unblacklist requests are to be dealt with by the team within 7 days of the post, unless a staff member has asked for additional information. Failure to provide the additional information will results in the request being denied.
  • Evidence in which has been fabricated or tampered with is strictly prohibited and any evidence of such will result in a lengthy ban.
  • You may only write/comment on an unblacklist request if you are the creator of the thread or are directly linked to the situation

Unblacklist Request Template

Blacklisting Staff Member:
Reason for Blacklist:
Why should it be removed?:

What do I do if my Unblacklist Request is Denied?

For the most part if your unblacklist request is denied there is little more you can do. Blacklists generally are short term punishments which wear off after a few hours of gameplay and so any extensively long blacklists are generally only given in the worst of cases where it would be more beneficial than a ban and so you will have to wait out the blacklist
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