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Creating an Unban Request
When would I make an Unban Request?

When using our services there is a chance you may be banned. For the most part the bans made by our staff team are completely valid however there are chances that the bans themselves may either be invalid or too harsh and in that case it is understandable for a player to make an unban request.

Unban Request Guidelines

When creating an unban request we expect players to read and follow the rules regarding their appeal;
  • All Unban Requests must follow the template listed below or they may be instantly denied
  • Bans may only be appealed up to 2 weeks after their expiration.
  • All unban requests are to be dealt with by the team within 7 days of the post, unless a staff member has asked for additional information. Failure to provide the additional information will results in the request being denied.
  • Evidence in which has been fabricated or tampered with is strictly prohibited and any evidence of such will result in a lengthy ban.
  • You may only write/comment on an unban request if you are the creator of the thread or are directly linked to the situation
Unban Request Template

Banning Staff Member:
Reason for Ban:
Why should you be unbanned?:

What do I do if my Unban Request is Denied?

When making an appeal there is always the chance that the team will conclude and deny it. If this is the case there are not many options left apart from to be patient until your punishment expires; during this time we suggest re-reading the rules to ensure something similar doesn't occur again.

Depending on the length of a ban will depend on when you can appeal again. However when appealing again you should check the date of the last appeal and if you are entitled to appeal it again. The time you must wait before appealing a ban again depending on the ban length can be seen below;
  • Bans under 2 weeks long : a second appeal is not permitted
  • Ban time of 1 month or greater : an appeal may be made 2 weeks after the initial denial
  • Bans greater than 3 months : an appeal 1 month after the first denial and a third unban request 2 months after the second denial
  • Bans of 1 year or more : an appeal 3 months after the first denial, then every 6 months after the previous denial
Permanent Suspensions

While using our services there is the potential you may receive a permanent suspensions which as the name suggestions lasts indefinitely. This punishment is reserved for the most severe misconduct on our services and may be distributed for misuse across our forums, discord or in-game servers in which a player violates our Terms of Service.

These bans are permanent meaning that even though you are able to make an appeal the chance of acceptance is very slim due to the weight the ban holds. All unban requests made for a permanent suspension will be dealt with internally by the team.
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