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Application Template
Applying for the Sheriff Department 

The Sheriff and Deputy role is the main governing force within the frontier, due to the power it holds over the players of the server an application process will be used to allow us to ensure only those who are capable and ready to fulfil the role.

Sheriff Department Application Template

The template is as follows:

Quote:OOC Info
Why should you be accepted?

IC Info
Character Name:
Character Description:

Removal from the Department 

Being accepted into the Sheriff Department does not mean that you will remain as a permanent addition within the department. The sheriff/deputy role is seen as a powerful role and so will be granted to people who have provided a lengthy and worthy application, however even if accepted there is the possibility that you may be removed for a number of reasons. By applying to the department you understand this can be revoked at any time, whether it be for any rule breakages, misuse of power or anything in which would effect how you would conduct the role. This of course will be discussed with the team.

What if I'm denied/removed?

If for some reason you have been denied or removed from the department you must wait a minimum of a month before you may re-apply unless stated otherwise.
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