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Discord Community Server
Greetings all,

After a discussion internally we have decided today to trial the 'Discord Community Server' programme. This feature allows a regular discord to be turned into something more; a community, and at the end of the day that's the aim of Jaggedsprings. Now due to how new this system is only being released 2 to 3 weeks we will be testing it in its early stages and for that reason we will perform a 2 week trial of the system. This system will then be reviewed in our weekly team meeting on October 4th. 

With this trial come some changes to the discord, this means all newly joining users must have a verified Email linked to their account; something we had prior to this decision. Along with this comes with scanning for NSFW, which is something we do not tolerate within the community and so this assists our jobs.

You may ask the benefits of becoming a community discord, well these can be found below:
  • Welcome Screen
Set up a personalised welcome screen for new visitors of your server so they know what your community is about and where to start. This way, they can immediately head to the welcome and rules channels instead of wandering around lost.

[Image: ed466e76f29e88bfe86cea889ec431e6.png]
  • Announcement Channels
These are special channels that enable you to broadcast messages beyond your server. Users can “Follow” your announcement channels and receive those updates directly to their own servers.
  • Direct Community Updates from Discord
New features and changes from Discord can significantly impact your server. To help keep up to date, you can now select a moderator-only channel for official Discord updates. We’ll give you that heads up so you and your moderation team will always be prepared.
  • Server Insights
Server Insights provides information about your server that can let you know how your community is doing. Is it healthy? Are people talking? What's your retention look like?
  • Discovery
You can display your community directly on Discord’s Server Discovery — no more having to advertise somewhere else to attract new users! 

All information regarding Discord Communities has been taken from the official discord support page found >Here<

Once again more updates are just around the corner, so be ready!

Jaggedsprings Management
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Sounds good! Keep it up.
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