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Staff Punishment System
What happens if my staff report gets accepted?

If a member of staff is found abusing their powers or it is deemed they are not performing up to standard within the position there is a chance dependent on its extent they will be removed from the team. However for the most part they will receive a strike. Members of the team are expected to perform to a very high standard and so punishments for abuse is something we aim to give very little of. 

The staff punishment system works on a '3 strike' rule. For each worthily accepted admin abuse case the team member will receive a strike which will remain logged. If a team member accumulates 3 strikes they will be demoted from the team without their respective veteran title. If a staff member is to leave the team on 2 strikes while an admin abuse case is active and its deemed valid they will still receive the strike and lose their veteran status. 

If an abuse case is found valid however it is deemed an extremely minor form of abuse the member of staff will most likely receive and undocumented warning.

Below is a list of all team members and their current strike standing

Joe Joe:
Number of Strikes:
Strike Reason:

Number of Strikes:
Strike Reason:

Number of Strikes:
Strike Reason:

Number of Strikes:
Strike Reason:

Number of Strikes:
Strike Reason:

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