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It's not like the Bucs are likely to be a major force this year
The Chiefs are aware of where their bread gets buttered. The team must keep feeding Patrick Mahomes with weapons and develop their defense later in the draft. Burks is an extremely valuable potential target that could be lined in the slot or even on the outside as well as Mut 23 coins play a role similar in the same way as Travis Kelce, even creating unique looks that are hard to block.

Initially I had initially thought of the Lions cashing in their pick on the Matthew Stafford trade here, but I think they'll hold off until the second round. This board leaves Matt Corral, Carson Strong, and Desmond Ritter -- all players who could be taken here, but instead I would suggest that the Lions choose to take the next best pass rusher in the market. Yes, I realize they picked Aidan Hutchinson with the No. 2 selection However, Jackson is solid value here and will help re-make the defense quickly.Tom Brady's retirement was shorter than this list of 11 facts

Tom Brady is back in the Madden NFL 23! We've waited 41 days to get this moment. It took less than a month of hanging out in the living room eating nighthades to get the opportune moment of. 12 to make the decision that retirement was not his thing.The Vikings and Vikings supporters will never be aware However, because Ponder the Minnesotans' quarterback -in good or worse.Madden NFL 23 picks and predictions, Buccaneers vs. Jets: Geno Smith expected to flounder

The New York Jets have had a rough offseason, dealing particularly with a constant chaos surrounding quarterback issues. After a much-ballyhooed debate with rookie Geno Smith was named the team's quarterback of choice for Week 1. but not by default. Beleaguered incumbent Mark Sanchez played better throughout the training camp and in preseason, but he was hit with a shoulder injury that will put his side on the bench for the season opener.

The Jets have also lost two key players of their defense in Linebacker Bart Scott and cornerback Darrelle Revis. This has left a gap that needs to be filled. It shouldn't be a surprise when experts are forecasting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to roll over the Jets on Saturday. Each of 11 ESPN specialists and nine CBS Sports experts picked the Bucs to beat those Jets on the field in New Jersey.

It's not like the Bucs are likely to be a major force this year. The quarterback Josh Freeman still has yet to prove his consistency and the loss of defensive lineman Michael Bennett may be bigger than we think. The team has managed to stay clear of distractions, however, and has improved in madden 23 coins buy other areas of the game like the secondary, that will be populated by Revis as a cornerback. The Bucs also have Doug Martin, one of the best young players in Madden NFL 23. Madden NFL 23.
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