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Spotify is rolling out Android 13 media player support via the stable channel
Earlier last month, the Spotify beta app version for Android got support for the Android 13 media player. However, only beta users who are enrolled in the Spotify beta program on the Play Store had access to the feature, and others had to wait until the feature went public. Thankfully, Spotify is rolling out Android 13 media player support via the stable channel.

The new update displays a large, rounded squircle for playing or pausing a track. In addition, users can see the "previous" and "next" buttons of the media player placed on either end of the squiggly seek bar. Also, two customizable buttons are placed next to the seek bar, which are mapped to the "shuffle" and "like" by default.

The buttons switch to 15-second rewind/jump when playing podcasts, while you get controls to speed up playback and add to library. Curiously, long-pressing on the player does not show the “Hide” button, which other audio apps permit.

Media apps that didn’t target Android 13 (API 33) previously had all their controls placed in the bottom for a rather cramped experience, which remained the case for nearly four months following Android 13’s stable launch in mid-August.

Sadly, Samsung Galaxy smartphones still don’t use Android 13’s media player design in One UI 5.0. While Spotify, just like other third-party media apps, was a bit late to join the bandwagon, it now joins the list with other popular apps such as YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Shazam that support the new media player design.

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