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2.5 Bugfixes, Economy Changes, Weapon Rebalancing
[Image: geLy9BR.png]

Hello all, we're back with another update! find all the changes below:

Moonshine barrel now buys for $8.

Skills will no-longer reset when re-joining the server.

XP will no-longer wipe randomly.

Unrefined gold now buys for $9.

Large furnace is now faster at smelting than the smaller furnace.

Sheriffs and Deputies will now be able to equip lanterns.

Killing a Lawman now incurs a bounty of $10, changed from $2.

Killing the State Governor now incurs a bounty of $25, changed from $5.

Changed sell price of potato to $0.06.

Changed sell price of corn to $0.09.

Changed sell price of tomato to $0.08.

Reduced farming max plots to 4.

Gold nugget sell price changed to $2.

Massively rebalanced weapon stats, weapons get progressively more "effective" the more expensive they are now.

Woodpiles now respawn after 20 minutes.

Changed Moonshine Bottle sell price to $0.30.

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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This is cool and all, but how does this affect Taylor Swifts next concert?
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  • Forgee
Make quicker item stacking in the bank, thats what we be searching for
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