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United's Gamemaster application
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:559259333
Server Hours (Roughly):150
Gmod Hours: 1,285
Examples or explanations of previous roleplays: Well I have actually done a few events on here when i was staff before the most recent relaunch. One was a simple carriage robbing event where people could fight off bandits to take the loot at a broken stagecoach. I did a event with forgee that was some veterans holding out in the lumbermill at the swamp. Thats about all I can remember.
Previous experience on other servers: Well i havent been a gamemaster on any other server but i have played a TON, and i mean a TON of mafiarp on gmod. So i know how to properly roleplay and I have even played on some serious GTA and RedM servers.
Why we should consider you (100-200 words): Well, I have been playing this server for a long time and feel this should be the next step to make my experience just that much better. I have some great ideas for some massive events that could be done over multiple days. And just some simple events that can be done every few hours like simple banditry events to some simple treasure hunt. Also I feel I could use the increased prop count to create some interesting builds such as factories and houses and stuff along those lines. Ive dont events in the past people liked and I feel as if I could even work with the other gamemasters to make some really interesting and fun events that everyone can participate in.
Accepted [Image: smile.png]

[Image: xLqwvwS.png]
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