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Rango URB 09/2022
Name: Rango
Banning Staff Member: Logan , xesus 
Reason for Ban: TOS (Lots of reasons via past thread)

Why should you be unbanned?:

hi i would like to be unbanned because i would like to roleplay again in your community i started playing RedM and WildRP after i got banned and enjoyed the roleplay i broke my GPU so i cant play RedM for a short while , im sorry for anythink i played a part in or did to any community members in the past i would like the opportunity to roleplay again without childish behavior or being unkind to other players.
thank you for reading  

Hello Rango,

There is a considerable track record between you and this server and unfortunately on this occasion I am not sure this apology is sincere.
The previous damaged you caused to the server both to the playerbase and the considerable downtime you caused created an immense disruption to our services and under our terms of service (ToS) you have violated the following clauses:

What can I not do while using the Jaggedsprings services? The services provided by Jaggedsprings and its Third-Party services may not be used to;
  • Harm, threaten, harass or impersonate another person, organisation or Jaggedsprings itself
  • Redistribute any of the services provided by Jaggedsprings; whether it be its content, gamemode, Terms of Service or any of its produce.
  • Limit the services themselves, whether it be disabled their ability to functioning or impairing some of its key systems
  • Use of any system which may give an unfair advantage over other players. Such as bots, cheats, hacks or exploits
Due to the extreme severity of your case I will unfortunately have to deny this unban request, if you have truly changed I would like to see a little more effort put into the UBR if you make another.

Closed, feel free to post another UBR in 1 month. (08/10/22)

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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