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DevBlog #2 - 13/09/2020
Greetings all,

Welcome back to our DevBlog series. This month brings along plenty of changes, with many changes continuing to occur while the DevBlog was produced meaning some changes will be in the list below instead of the video

The list of changes below includes

Major Changes
  • Bulk of work for Mining completed
  • Completion of Custom Scoreboard
  • Custom edit of rp_wildwest
  • Work on In-game Administration system
  • Beta-Release of Forums
Minor Changes
  • Unique model for Doctor role
  • Unique model for Train Station NPC
  • Fixed seating issue on horses
  • Fixed random horse skin changes upon dismounting
  • Added like system to forums
  • Added @ system to forums
  • Forum avatars now no longer become circles/ovals
  • Forums avatars no longer have a white border
  • Max forum avatar size increased to 150x150px
  • Users can no longer give multiple reputations
  • Removed redirection pages
  • Changed forum date format
  • Forums/Sub-Forums now show viewing users
  • Changed avatar dimensions in posts to 100x100px
  • Added CAPTCHA field for new registering users
  • Members can now sign into their account using the associated username or  email
  • Changed 'Developer' forum rank colour
  • Changed 'Member' forum rank colour
  • Changed forum background opacity
  • Increased avatar file size to 50kb
  • Forum now recognises daylight savings time
  • Changed default avatar
  • Updated default custom titles
  • Updated profanity filters banned words
  • Players can now activate their own account with the associated E-mail
  • Added 'Off-Topic' Sub-Forum
  • Added 'News' Sub-Forum
  • Added 'Discussions' Sub-Forum
  • Added Rules/ToS Page as well as forum hyperlink
  • Added Team page as well as forum hyperlink
  • Added Spoiler system for forums
  • [Suggestion ID:22] Sheriff Application Sub-Forum
  • [Suggestion ID:22] Sheriff Application Whitelist Form
That's all for this DevBlog however more are sure to follow in the future!
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Looking great so much more things brought to the table, we are getting closer and closer boys and girls
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hi guys, james here
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(13-09-2020, 11:52 PM)richie Wrote: hi guys, james here
James is indeed here!

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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I'm gonna CDM so many people with that little buggy I saw crossing the brdige.

[Image: BkAtpSk.png]
Hands up, criminal! Pay the fine right HERE!
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hey diddly ho neighbourinos! james here

[Image: sss.png][Image: sss_but_the_other_way.png]
Epic can’t wait for release
Nice stuff, I can really see everything falling into place.
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