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Name: Rango
Banning Staff Member: Logan , xesus 
Reason for Ban: TOS ( accusation of leaking a address )

Why should you be unbanned?: First i would like to thank thesoulbomber & forgee for allowing me to make a unban request and for giving me the chance to explain and reflect on the past incident.
i think i should be unbanned because i was a very active member of the community and enjoyed roleplaying on JaggedSprings , i believe i created roleplay on the server that is missed by members , i always had a passion for roleplaying on JaggedSprings i got rarely got little warns and bans and stayed in the rules the most im guilty of is playing aggressive with a gang and having feuds with other regular players with heated arguments , if i was unbanned it would give me the opportunity to get more involved in roleplay with out arguments and toxicity.

The reason i was banned is false i dont want to sound like a broken record but i did not leak a address or postcode , i also tried sending the admin team proof few months back but xesus didnt want to watch my screen share i tried for 2 days to show him and i was told to get him the audio from the clip and send him it and i did and he claimed it was edited but it clearly wasn't because you can hear the other players talking to me, i was falsely jailed and logan was power tripping over me allowing his friends to abuse sheriff and lock me up  apon logan leaving the cell i shouted "logan we should meet in Colchester" the city/town in essex he admitted to me he lived in week before the incident he also told me not to tell anyone the town he lived in but out of anger in the situation i said the town name to annoy him and he banned me instantly without a ban reason then changed the reason to leaking his post code which i dont know and which any expert will tell you its impossible to find a post code just over discord or via another method without the user telling you them selves ,i also feel that admins are bias towards me because of the irish people i used to play with, im also very sorry for how i spoke to the admin team while this situation happened i was very frustrated getting falsly banned by a younger less experienced admin really annoyed me i hope you can understand my frustration.

i would also like to add that logan screenshared the forums to marty and tried to threated him with a ip marty used when he logged on to the forums , we know he used to forums to access martys ip address because we could cleary see it was the same background and fonts used on here, i also want to say how xesus added me on a alt account after a heated conversation when i told him you cant get a postcode from a ip he said something around the lines of wait and see you can the a alt called James and sent me the ip address i used to login to the forums and a post code in north london that was in the town next to my me proving my point you cant get a exact postcode from a ip. i only have the audio saved in a chat with xesus i deleted the video last week thinking that was the end of my chance to get unbanned & due to storage space 

Thank you for reading i understand it is a complex situation & the is a lot of information if anyone in the admin team would like to contact me or voice call on discord im more than happy to explain in better detail and answer questions Heart             
 DISCORD: raoul duke#5330

ps i had a desperado beer half way through typing sorry for any mistakes & i tried attaching the audio to this thread but it wouldn't upload 
Will put this to the team, thank you Rango.

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
Rango, I noticed you have indeed missed the following events:

• You & your friends DDOSing me for a week straight (Until I payed for a new router)
• You & your friends spreading my IP around gmod communities. (
• Your 2 previous attempts of ban evading.
• Your fake jaggedsprings that collected members IP's so you could spread them.
• Making an identical account to mine & connecting to the server ( (
• Your friends questionable workshop item list of all JS content scripthooked repackaged.

I could go on but I really don't want to waste my breathe on you. It's funny how you portray yourself as innocent and choose to adress the above. I find it funny how you try and tarnish the server & the people who help upkeep it but then expect to be forgived because you wrote a few paragraphs. I also can't help but laugh at the fact that you have no evidence to back your claims.

The DDOSing & the IP spreading alone is an instant blacklist from practically any gmod community & I am surprised you have even been given the chance to appeal your ban.

[Image: xLqwvwS.png]
" Your friends"
what my friends do is on them logan you literally gave marty my ip in a call and showed him his ip on the forums.The fact your a admin and your this childish to lie and blame me on my friends acts plus to abuse your power to give out ip addresses of forum usesrs , i remember when you first join and didnt know 1/4 of the rules you literally ruin roleplay. we should let the higher up investigate this further most the player base can back up your childish behaviour and power rp im here to role play as a bandit and blacksmith and create good roleplay

ps i just wanted to add if Logan is not willing to tell the trust about the incident then the situation wont get resolved and i will continue to respect the ban until the truth finally comes out , i find it disgusting someone will abuse their trust and role in a community with such good role-players involved, i hope my Ban Appeal is not overlooked because of biased staff members or third parties that I'm no longer involved with. I'm purely here to roleplay i have continued to roleplay on different wild west servers in the mean time eg Goldrush ,WildRP and part of the Blood Ross community

thank you

Rango, after talking with the staff team & careful consideration we have come to our decision. Your breach of ToS, IP leaking, ban evading is to severe to let go.

- JS Staff Team

[Image: xLqwvwS.png]
okay Logan if you say so, i will respect the ban due to the respect i hold for other admins but i would like the fact to stand i didn't expose you postcode which was my banning reason not all the other bullshit you made up or blamed me for eddie,ryan , snickers or cian is on them ,cough cough check the audio i provided *unedited* back check it if you like 10000% that audio has never touched a audio editing software.
never the less
If admin team are willing to allow me to UBR in the future let another member that has me added to reach out to me thank you for your time

PS - ban invading i dont care enough to ban evade , the isnt even any players to join and play with if i did, so the is no point of me ban evading i will respect the ban and hope the truth finally comes out because as all grown adults know the truth always comes out !
Closed, feel free to post another UBR in 1 month. (29/05/22)

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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