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Event Guidelines
In order to ensure that events are conducted to the best of both our and your ability all users who choose to make an event should ensure that they following these guidelines to ensure the event is made to the best of your ability. All events should realistically have a purpose and should not be just created for no apparent reason.

Setting up an Event
  • Events
When creating an event the first distinguishing factor is if it is an event or a mini-event. Events usually require additional content and are to take place on the event server meaning more time is required to set everything up for the event. If you do choose to do an event on the event server you are expected to collect the content for it into its own collection to then send off to the 'Event Manager'. If there is no 'Event Manager' all event details can be sent off to one of the members of the Administrative team for them to check availability of the server.
  • Mini-Events
Mini-Events generally take place on the main server and do not require any additional content. These events should be period specific unless given prior permission by the 'Event Manager'. These events do not need to be scheduled and can occur at any point throughout the day. These events can be announced in this category however unlike major Events they do not have to be and can be announced in-game or using the discord.

Event Schedule

The current list of events planned to occur and when they are occurring can be found below;

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