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Rango Unban request 2
SteamID:[font=Whitney, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]STEAM_0:0:626472340[/font]
Banning Staff Member:Razz
Reason for Ban: "Tos" , "Harassment"
Involved: Rango and Fitz
Why should you be unbanned?: i think i should be unbanned because i was not harassing him i only "harassed" once today in name be saying a joke "can you Fitz this dick in you mouth " which he never voiced to me he found offencive or annoying but i soon stopped after getting a warning , he willing sent a picture to a group of his face and i leaked it in discord i wasnt aware it would be breaking the "Jaggedsprings Terms Of Service" i also wasnt ware that other people was annoying on the server saying my jokes and when i was in a sit i was told not to say anythink in game and that i complied with until he made fun of me for being gay , i dont like this specific roleplayer but hold nothing but respect for him for respecting the rules and setting me straight i hope to be back in the community taking part in events and activities one a valued player.

PS i will spend my time away from the server reflecting on my actions today none the less im sorry for my actions ?

just wanted to say that question mark at the end is a emoji that computers cant seen to find its a pride flag sorry if it implies a rhetorical question
Hi Rango,

You were banned for a number of reasons, not only from the server, but the Discord to. The reasons included;

- Double Accounting on the Discord
- Harassment of a user via using their picture without their consent on our discord along with numerous other statements aimed against the user

I'd like to point out by joining the Jaggedsprings community you instantly agree to the Terms of Service, and your failure to read them is a problem on your side not ours. This is stated in Section A.2

"Accepting the agreement By playing on our using any of our services you are agreeing to following the agreement. If you do not wish to agree to the terms you may not use our services"

The main violations in question are;

Terms of Service - A9) You may not Harm, threaten, harass or impersonate another person, organisation or Jaggedsprings itself
General Rules - 1.2) Double Accounting in any form is not allowed unless granted permission from a Community Manager
hi I was already spoke to about my discord accounts by cloud fine that's irrelevant to this "harassment" situation , i take full responsibility for leaking the images but leaking it was not harassment , im sorry he felt harassed but i wasnt told by him i was offending him by the jokes if he did it would be a different situation

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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