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The End of Isaiah Bauer
In a move that surprised all of Arizona, Isaiah Bauer has been killed today.
An ambush had occurred involving two soldiers delivering a chest full of tax money collected in Fillcum Ridge:
[Image: D4k2Sfo.png]
A group of unknown soldiers were seen camped up inside of a cave, defending the inside for their lives:
[Image: 3VbieTJ.png]
A man by the name of "Texes Red" was successful in defeating the rogue soldiers and was forced to kill the money-crazed governor by a single shot to the head:
[Image: Sm2GuJq.png]

It seems like the deal Isaiah made with Fillcum Ridge was only to push his own agenda and steal their tax money for himself...
Time was running out for the Governor as elections are being held on Friday.
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