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Minor Bug Fixes And Changes #8
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[Image: p5IlKkb.png]
Greetings all, We're back with more much needed fixes to the server! Which are as follows;

[*]Trial admins have access to !adminroom

[*]When a player kills a sheriff adds a $1 bounty for every sheriff killed

[*]When a player kills the mayor adds a $5 bounty

[*]Players can steal others workbenches with alt e, fixed

[*]Change max horses to 20

[*]Submaterial tool fixed

[*]Horse brush fixed

[*]1hr limit to gunsmith

[*]Halfed all melee weapons damage

[*]Allowed trial admins to use !adminroom

[*]Halfed the prices of all DB outfits

[*]Smartsnap fixed

[*]Hunger doesnt decrease when phased

[*]Status Effects disabled when phased and noclipped

[*]/r replies to the most recent pm added

[*]@r (username) replies to a player in the same colour as an admin request added

[*]All admins and trial admins can now see the correspondence 

[*]Allowed editing of players money, inventories when offline with commands

[*]Allowed admins to use !promotesheriff and !promotemayor

[*]Large Distillery not being able to withdrawn from bank, also not being able to deposit more than 1 fixed.

[*]Reduced bank cooldown to 5 minutes

[*]3 reserved donator slots

[*]2 reserved admin slot

[*]When players have a bounty cooldown and a player places a bounty on them, they are still charged but the bounty is not placed fixed

[*]Marshall spawns with lasso

[*]Removed lasso “item”

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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