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Garfield Sheriff App
OOC Info

Name: Garfield the Undying 
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:119720071
Hours: 5.6k on gmod
Why should you be accepted? I feel that I should be accepted as a Sheriff as I have a significant amount of experience within law enforcement and the law in general and how to enact it within gmod since it is very different to how it should enacted irl. For starters I have a wide range of experience starting with being judges on numerous amount of servers even or even creating the systems that they use or greatly amending said systems. Alongside this I have alot of experience with law enforcement doing many different and varying styles of it with varying systems. 

IC Info
Character Name: John Garfield
Character Description: A [b]moustached 
tallish man who has a strong stench of alcohol from all of his clothing. He would appear to be weary from all the work that he has done over the years and his hands would have the distinct smell of gun oil. Still being insistent he would prefer the old fashioned blackpowder to fill the cartridges of his gun with the old smoky powder rather than use the smokeless stuff. Very much known for rough handling the people he arrests. 
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