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[Application] marco
OOC Info

Name: Marco
SteamID: [font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]76561198141257739

Hours: 300 or more atm, just got back to Gmod since not playing a lot since i quit playing in 2014.
Why should you be accepted? I believe my history related with Law Enforcement Departments from other servers, from other games, would represent a great skill to posess, because i have roleplayed a lot ( by a lot, i mean years ) as a LEO.

IC Info
Character Name: Marco McCoy
Character Description: Papa got me on those lands, thinkin' for my future, a future for a future American boy and that's me. Marco McCoy, after livin' 'round these places for awhile, i guess it's not the law that would scarry criminals from doing all sorta' things, it's the revolver im holdin'.
Hey! could you please fix the formatting and write alil more? thanks!

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
Denied. Feel free to re-apply with the correct format and more information.

-Colt Benson
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