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Gamemaster Application
Username: Lancymase
Steam ID: 76561199078784395
Server Hours (Roughly): Near 100 I think, haven't had access to the server to see my hours.
Gmod Hours: 844
Examples or explanations of previous roleplays: I dont know what you want here but I have played a lot, and I mean a lot of Mafiarp. Ive been playing Gmod sense august of 2020 and been playing Mafiarp sense probably November or December of 2020 and ive experienced many events and know how they are done and know what is right and what is wrong.
Previous experience on other servers: I haven't been gamemaster on any of these but ive played, Mobsters paradise(when it was good), Diverge Networks, and Willard Networks(Text based Half Life RP)
Why we should consider you (100-200 words): Ive been playing this server for a while, I know what this server has done wrong to promote roleplay, i can actually remember an event that was a scavenger hunt that was just pretty bad, I have a few cool ideas that would be something i could do once or twice a day such as robberies and stuff, Example: A stagecoach was just robbed on the bridge but the robbers left some weapons or cash, if you can defend the stagecoach for lets say 5 minutes from the law or other bandits you get rewarded with some weapons or some cash. Another Example: A well know firearms manufacturer is selling unique weapons for cheaper than what most dealers sell it for, lets say people sell sharps rifles for $20, the firearms manufacturer would sell em for $15 or $10. But this would only last for a few minutes and it could have a side event happen if someone robs the gun salesman, he could get his stock, and the salesman has limited stock.
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