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Applying for Gamemaster
[Image: PTiITdC.jpg]

Applying for Gamemaster:

Gamemaster is a role that carries an important task, fun. As Gamemaster it is your duty to host small/large events and roleplays for the community regularly to further our roleplay standards throughout the server. Gamemasters are given a handful of tools to achieve this task, many of these tools are easily abusable and therefore we must guarantee the players who receive this rank are of the highest quality. As a Gamemaster it is imperative that you set an outstanding example for our other players, you will be seen as the standard for roleplay on the server. If you would like to apply for the gamemaster role, please use the template provided below and post it on this sub forum in a new thread. Each application will be reviewed by our administration team as soon as possible.

Quote:Application Template
Steam ID:
Server Hours (Roughly):
Gmod Hours:
Examples or explanations of previous roleplays:
Previous experience on other servers:
Why we should consider you (100-200 words):

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