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Barbershop and Barbers
This would add a job that could purchase a barbershop seat under the catalog menu, people can sit in the chairs and have access to a menu filled with different haircuts/styles. Barbers will have access to a menu by pressing E on the chair, once in the menu the player getting the haircut will be able to purchase a haircut. Once selected the barber will get the cash the person paid and the player would get a nice haircut. Beards will also be an option.

[Image: BackyardSnowSigned.png?width=400&height=184]
I like this idea, have you tested it on our playermodels?

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
Uh............. No.. I should.

[Image: BackyardSnowSigned.png?width=400&height=184]
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