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The "Blood & Ale" Update
[Image: 8ROwVBS.png]

Greetings all,
We're back with another major update to the server, Beta1.6, an update which brings huge changes to overall gameplay and life in the frontier, hope you all enjoy!

[Image: 8bWV2l2.png]

[Image: S42yyaZ.png] Bleeding
Bleeding has a chance to occur when a player takes a substantial amount of damage, the player will then "bleed" losing 1 hp every 2 seconds until a "Bandage" is applied.

[Image: DhunRrz.png]Broken Bone
The broken bone effect has a chance to occur when a player takes fall damage, this reduces the players speed until a "Splint" is applied.

[Image: 0Hv1e6I.png]Concussion
A concussion is caused when a player takes a significant amount of damage, the players screen will blur for 3 seconds every 30 seconds until a "Vitality Tonic" is used.

[Image: Jl5dDa4.png]Drunk
A player becomes drunk when alcohol is used, this effect increases fists damage by 7x and increases max health by 20%. The players screen will blur similarly to the Concussion effect.

[Image: G8X7nNg.png]Well Rested
The well rested buff occurs when a player sleeps for more than 60 seconds, this increases player movement speed and max health by 20% for 20 minutes.

[Image: ym5BppG.png]Sick
A player has a 5% chance to get sick when eating raw fish, the player will move 20% slower and have 20% less health until a vitality tonic is used.

[Image: EqC5EZI.png]Starving
This icon appears when the player is starving.

[Image: coUnKTV.png]
[Image: BnegMMF.png]
[Image: khYizXA.png]
  • Added "Medical Box Item"
  • Added "Splint" Item
  • Added "Bandage" Item
  • Added "Beer" Item
  • Added "Rum" Item
  • Added "Whiskey" Item

[Image: wliCZfC.png]

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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I am sweating

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