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Name of Player: GOOOK

SteamID: not sure tbh, idk how to find out

Time of Incident (GMT): a couple minutes before the server maintenence restart 14th of april

Summary of Events: ADRENOCHROME goes up to me and spits on me so I hit him with a lead pipe being the bandit that I am my character can't let that kind of disrespect slide. After I hit him one time I back off, and notice theres a federal marshal whos attempting to shoot me. I put the pipe down and he just continues shooting. Unfortunately the sound got bugged but you can see in the bottom right that I'm speaking to him. I was trying to tell him to stop shooting since I was unarmed and I had put my lead pipe aside. This didnt get recorded but after the sheriffs had lassoed him, he got released and he shot me right after. Which killed me. You can clearly see this in the logs if you look for it, id assume its somewhere around 23:55 and forward UK time.

The point is, he shot me numerous times even though I was unarmed, and no threat to anyone, as a government official.

Evidence: sent to Forgee privately

-Colt Benson
Eh this is a tricky one, the Government probably shouldn't have shot you if you were surrendering however I don't see any black and white rule breakages here just more of a "This could have been RP'ed alot better" kinda situation.

Im gonna go ahead and close this.

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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