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snc playing fart noises in a base cloaked
Name: marty robbins
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:181125660
Accused Staff Member:  [JC] snc81153
Infringement of Power: ruining other peoples rp.. not sure if its a infringement but its bad example from the staff
Time & Date (GMT): 20:44
 Involved:  [JS] snc81153, and storm owned the gun store
Abuse of Power: cloaking to play dumb sounds
 Explanation: he was just playing fart noises in a store while cloaked, i dont mind all that much but with people trying to roleplay seriously and the tone of the server in general its a dumb thing to be doing, especially in a store where most roleplay will take place.
Hi Marty,

Thank you for taking your time to make this Abuse Case, I will await for a response from SNC and then internally discuss it within the management team.

Hi Marty,

Thanks for this AA. After reviewing the case myself and Management see what SNC done as no form of abuse of his powers. Even though the whole situation was a little immature and wasn't ideal we wouldn't see it as a abuse of his power as a Trial-Administrator. Thanks once again.

Case Closed, No Abuse Noted.
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