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Pinkerton Detective Agency
Pinkerton Detective Agency

Chapter 1: Purpose

The Pinkerton Detective Agency (PDA), also known as "Pinkertons" by many westerners and outlaws, are considered to be one of the main federal law enforcement agencies centered within the U.S Federal Government, assisting the U.S Marshals and the Sheriff's Department and relieving them of their duties by hunting down very dangerous outlaws that have murdered their way across many states and bring nothing but anarchy and savagery. The Pinkertons will never rest until they bring an end to lawlessness, until they bring an end to the Wild West, and until they bring every outlaw to justice and make the land peaceful once more.

The Pinkertons have jurisdiction over outlaws who land themselves into Mexico. The Mexican president at the time of making the PDA has agreed that any American outlaw that enters Mexico can be tracked down by the agency. This means no outlaw is safe, whether they move states, move across the country, they will still be tracked down no matter what.

Chapter 2: Identification

A Pinkerton can be identified mainly by their appearance in the color of red. Either that, or they will be wearing a badge signifying their qualification and position in the agency, similar to how Sheriffs, Deputies, and Marshals do the same. Pinkertons have the option to go undercover, meaning they will act as a normal citizen or outlaw in order to fit in with the crowd. They will pull off sting operations, joining gangs and relaying information to the rest of the PDA in order to gain more about what or who they are dealing with and how they are going to bring an end to them. Undercover agents will have to have their badge in their possession. When asked for their badge by a government official, they will show it. Whoever does not show their Pinkerton badge towards a government official, they will be punished to a demotion or exile from the agency.

The Pinkertons don't have any sort of hierarchy. There are the agents, and the Chief. Nothing more.

Chapter 3: Recruitment

The recruitment process for the Agency is simple. Walk up to the Chief and ask them to be recruited as long as the Chief adverted that they are recruiting new agents into the agency. You will be tested on your ability of law enforcement, however the recruitment process is classified.

"We Never Sleep"
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