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Guy McAfee - Mayoral Candidate
Name: wackyTiger
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:506620259
Hours: 14
Why should you be accepted: I believe I should be accepted due to the fact that the Arizonian government is falling, and it is losing the grasp of American freedom very quickly. The bounty hunter association that was funded by the U.S Federal Government disbanded due to the fall of our government, and this is because many mayoral candidates have either been assassinated or have been overthrown for many different reasons. The bounty hunter association's founder ran for Mayor and was ultimately put into jail for an unjust reason, as I witnessed in horror and the Deputies get away with it (OOCly they got banned but that's beside the point), and the person running for mayor now moved over to Mexico. The town is ridden with crime, there is no true mayor that can help us all, all except for one: myself, Guy McAfee. The Mexican government is even willing to help the Arizonian government, and the current mayor refused their assistance for unclear reasons which ultimately lead to the murder of the Mexican president, and now America and Mexico are at war.

I will provide many policies such as reformation of the Sheriff's Department. The Deputies have been witnessed by many to be corrupt, or do not do their job properly. The root of the problem may be because they are underpaid or they are not getting enough attention or praise from the public. Another policy I would like to provide is racial equality, as a lot of people from other nationalities enter the town everyday and are even government officials that don't get the same luxuries as a white man would get.

Character Name: Guy McAfee
Character Description:
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Let's give Guy a try!

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First elected mayor of Greenwood? High possibility right here!

Kind Regards
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