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Creating a Bug report
What to keep in mind when making a thread

When making a bug report thread there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure the thread is as informative and accurate as possible. When making a thread its best to ensure the bug itself is not only relating to yourself; if this is the case it may be an issue on your end and not the gamemode. If its clear that the bug is a universal problem then reporting the bug can significantly help in improving the community. Bugs should never be misused however and misusing or abusing them can lead to serious punishments

Creating a 'Bug Report' Thread

When creating a bug report players are expected to use the correct template. After creating a bug report there is a chance it may be moved to a private sub-forum if the bug itself is deemed to game-breaking to be kept in the public domain. The template is as follows;



Evidence (Screenshots/Video):

Additional Context:
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