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(Not new at all but I’m making this post anyway)

My name is wackyTiger, an experienced veteran when it comes to roleplay on practically any game that has the purpose to do said roleplay. I mainly like games like Jagged Springs due to its western genre, reminding me of Red Dead Redemption and some figments of Red Dead Redemption II. For some reason the server gives me some sort of nostalgia from just interacting with other players, sometimes acting as if they are NPCs for the way they talk, interact, or respond. It’s pretty fun seeing that Jagged Springs is serious but not semi-serious, so you won’t get banned even if you breathe the wrong way.

I’m very creative when it comes to roleplay, especially characters. Sometimes I can make up names and attributes on the spot with the blink of an eye and just going with it. Some characters that I actually really like and play as mostly will have an accent, while when I’m playing on a character I don’t like or I just randomly made for no reason then I just speak normally and act as myself. Some examples of characters I own that I hold dear are Dr. Muller and Roy Earl.

I thank Jagged Springs to take a trip down memory lane and be reminded of my western-like past relating to games like RDR1 and RDR2. Even though it’s one of the smaller servers on gmod, I still hold it dear to my heart was one of the best serious roleplay games on gmod. If anyone is reading this and is new to Jagged Springs or is willing to try it out, I give the game a solid 10/10

- wackyTiger
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