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MrMaaze's Sheriff Application
OOC Info
Name: MrMaaze
Hours: 26
Why should you be accepted? I'm Playing Roleplay for long enough as a cop, I was in Multiple MafiaRPs in the FBI and the PD as a Detective and i think im mature enough to join the Sheriffs Department. I got good skills in leading something, as i had my own bureau in the Detectives and the FBI. and i in general think that i would be a great addition

IC Info
Character Name: Lucky Luke
Character Description: Fastes Revolver Shooter in the West, Always Lucky.
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  • Forgee, Jack2221, Bobby
Great Roleplayer
Nice Guy
Chill Member
Overall mature guy who knows what he is doing and knowledgeable about the server Huge +support
Yeh dude knows his RP
Approved Smile

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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