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The 'Production & Panning' Update
[Image: ZHhfr6t.png]

Greetings all,
We're back with another major update to the server Beta1.4, an update which brings many changes to existing systems and introduces entirely new ones. Hope you all enjoy!

[Image: tR1ibVN.png]

Gold Panning is our newest system, players can purchase a "Gold Panning Bowl" from the General Store and head to the river in search of "Piles Of Silt" these can be sifted through for the chance to find Gold Nuggets, a new item that sells to the General Store for $0.45!
  • New Item, "Gold Panning Bowl"
  • New Item, "Gold Nugget"
  • New World Entity, "Pile Of Silt"
[Image: ONIW71v.png]

[Image: wAAL1QH.png]The new Large Distillery can be purchased from the Blackmarket and holds 6 barrels worth of moonshine, the distillery is $10 so it is a risky purchase for any aspiring moonshiner, however 6 barrels of moonshine does sound quite tempting!
  • New Item, "Large Distillery"
[Image: nuzMGnU.png]
[Image: 847pFwH.png]The new "Large Furnace" can be purchased from the General Store for $35, It holds up to 50 ore and uses only half the coal! Fantastic for any aspiring mining tycoon.
  • New Item "Large Furnace"

[Image: qkaU4Tf.png]

First up is our new "Technology" item, perfect for the Saloon Goer or musical enthusiast we present to you the "Pianola" !
The Pianola can be purchased from the General Store for $20 and can play 4 period specific songs! These are, "Frog Legs", "The Entertainer", "Boheima" and "American Beauty".
  • New Item "Pianola"
[Image: m64Bpx4.png]

Next up is our new "Keychain" swep, this swep replaces the old locking doors method and gives a more user friendly and realistic approach to locking and unlocking doors. This swep also works with our new "Lock" tool, which functions similarly to a keypad tool, however is more period correct.
  • New swep "Keychain"
[Image: giphy.gif]

And finally we have our long awaited "Syringe" swep, this will come as default with the Doctor role and will allow doctors to heal players without the use of a Tonic or Medkit.

[Image: IakPYiA.png]

[Image: WddiLms.png]

Below find a list of price changes, minor fixes and small additions.

  • Reduced furnace volume
  • Increased starting money -> $20
  • Removed distillery sound
  • Prevent materialise/colour on distillery
  • Display phased admin command notifications to other admins
  • Players can not longer add ore after refine completes
  • Reduced furnace mine spawn restrictions
  • Removed 14:00 server restart
  • Added command !setmodel
  • Adjusted reward for distillery destruction -> $0.75
  • Added slow health regen after 2 minutes
  • Coal is nolonger consumed when furnace is full
  • Added prop spawn to logs
  • Added chat logs to logs
  • Added item pickup to logs
  • Added Inventory/Money viewer, `!inventory` command
  • Increased time until idle -> 15 minutes
  • Force items to inventory on disconnect
  • Removed idle cleanup props and production items
  • Adjusted item prices:
    General Store - Pistol Cartridges  -> $0.69 - Revolver Cartridges -> $0.49 - Shotgun Cartridges  -> $0.49 - Rifle Cartridges  -> $0.59 Catalog - Pistol Cartridges  -> $0.29 - Revolver Cartridges -> $0.19 - Shotgun Cartridges  -> $0.19 - Rifle Cartridges  -> $0.29

[Image: 7OWbcg8.png]
New update means new content! Content linked below!

[Image: Sok3rEI.png]
waythink Goldpanning, Syringe, Pianola, Lock swep/tool
my_hat_stinks Bug fixes and small additions
@Momo 3d Modelling

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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