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Change of Community Manager
[Image: K2J4Ing.png]

Greetings all,

Today I personally come with some very sad news, the announcement of my departure from the Community Manager role. It has come to my attention that my tenure within the management team is no longer possible as I'm unable to financially support the server as needed, and so after a joint agreement between management believe its the best decision for the community if I, the Community Manager, resign from my position and instead be bought out and replaced effective immediately by "Pulka", I'm sure he will do a great job within this position. 

I will remain within the team as an Administrator, and intend to do whatever is needed for the server. I wish Pulka and the rest of management the best of luck and I will continue to support them with their decisions.

Joe Joe
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where is the dislike button

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Congratulations on the promotion Pulka!

Kind Regards
Server Administrator

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