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Catagory change
I love the server and id love new players to find out about it, thing is its own seperate catagory is hard for new players to find. like the server avrages around 10-15 players and if a player sees Wild West RP with only 11 people on they likely wont click it, i belive though if the server was in another catagory like DarkRP  for example tons more people will see it and be intruiged and join.

i understand if you dont want to put it in the darkrp catagory but i belive its a good way to get some players, once a server hits 12-13 players on the darkrp tab tons more join.\

thanks for reading i hope this suggestion goes towards beacuse i think it could help the playerbase
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We did actually discuss this relatively recently, only issue I see is that DarkRP players tend to not be the best roleplayers.

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
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I think the looks of the game mode is aesthetically pleasing and keeping it in its own category may cause issues to really let it grow. I won’t say the name but there is a big seriousrp server with 120 players nearly every day and it’s in the darkrp category.

Tighten up security around here with admins in game and those who come will respect the seriousness of the game mode and ofc you will have those that won’t but it could be big news for Jagged. Won’t know unless you give it a shot!
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I have to agree with this approach, obviously it's nice to have a standalone category but ultimately we do get less attention and/or less people checking out the server unless they are looking to play something specific or different. We would need to discuss this heavily though to make sure it didn't end up being catastrophic with minges etc if we did change.

Kind Regards
Server Administrator

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