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The 'Bounties & More' Update
[Image: banner.png]

Greetings All,

We're back with the second major update; Beta1.2 (Originally part of Beta1.1 but split into 2 separate updates). The 'Bounties & More' update is one which will benefit the crime catching vigilantes of the west while bringing new money making methods to those who wish to play more passively.

[Image: bounties.png]
From Butch Cassidy to Billy the Kid the West is full of notorious criminals and Grillville is no different. Players within non-merchant or government roles can now approach the sheriffs department to accept any of the bounties off the bounty board; or to place a bounty themselves! When a bounty is claimed a player can go and hunt down their target to earn a quick buck for the death of their target. But be careful, rival bounty hunters may also be onto the scent of your target!

[Image: unknown.png]

Players are now able to place bounties of up to $25 on another player within the server (With a valid reason). The Mayor also has some power to indicate enemies of the town with the new 'Department Funds'. These funds increase by $1 every 20 minutes. The Mayor can use these funds to put Bounties on those who may be causing the Government some trouble using the new commands 
  • /addbounty [Player] [Amount]
  • /removebounty [Player]
  • /funds
These commands are Mayor specific only however, if a regular player wishes to place a bounty they must go to the bounty board to claim or set any bounties.

[Image: canning.png]
In addition to Bounties being added a new way to make money and food has been implemented. Players can now purchase the canning machine from the general store, and by combining 1 iron ingot along with 3 vegetables are able to craft themselves 2 'Canned Vegetables', a cost effective way to produce your own food on the frontier and assist in creating production chains; something we intend to expand more on later down the line

[Image: plants.png]
Along with Bounties and Canning some new plants have been added to expand the flora on the frontier. These new plants include carrot and potato patches. Upon finding these patches players can harvest them to gain themselves the respective plant. These plants are a great way to find food while traveling the frontier and can be used alongside the canning system.

[Image: clothing.png]
This update brings along some much needed cheaper clothing options for players to buy. Players can now use their hard earned cash to buy a new range of new male and female clothing options perfect for any westerner on the frontier. Taking inspiration from popular games these clothes will make any criminal or ranch-hand stand out as they traverse the ever changing landscape of the frontier. These models which come with different head options can be seen below;

[Image: Miss_Smiths_Outdoors_Emsemble.png][Image: Ladies_Outlaw_Outing_Gear.png][Image: Young_Mans_Aspirational_Garments.png][Image: Sleek_Slender_Suspender.png]

[Image: credits.png]
waythink - Bounty System, Canning, New Plants
Old Jimmy - New Playermodels
Joe Joe, Forgee, Luftbaffled - Drafting the Idea
Forgee - Thread Graphics
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