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The 'Foraging & Tonics' Update
[Image: banner.png]

Greetings All,

Back in our 'Post-Release Community Meeting' we discussed our plans to continue development as soon as the main bugs had been fixed, and now we are at the point to release the first major update Beta1.1 or officially known as 'The Foraging Update'.

[Image: foraging.png]
While voyaging around the frontier players are now able to find 12 different plants, each of these plants serves a different purpose and can be used to make a variety of different tonics. These tonics have different purposes and can benefit the average frontiersman in different ways. These plants spawn in different locations around the map; depending on what type of plant they are, and the conditions they live in. The plants and their spawn locations are;

  • Cave Fungus
Stillwater Bayou 
  • Cypress Saplings 
Around Fillcum Ridge
  • Opuntia Cactus
  • Golden Barrel Cactus
  • Arizona Sage
  • Arizona Agave
Around Grillville and the Forests
  • Molehill Fern
  • White Whores Nettle
  • Pinto
  • Wild Corn
  • Coyotes Eye
  • Brocflower
These plants spawn in a set number of locations and once picked the player will get a seed from the plant which can be used to make the tonics. Once a plant is picked it takes 20 minutes to regrow; however it doesn't mean that each plant will regrow in the same location!

[Image: brewing.png]
These plants can be used in a number of ways to produce numerous different tonics and ointments; each of which serves a unique purpose. However to brew these new tonics you'll need a 'Mixing Table'. This table can be purchased from the General Store, and can only be used by the Doctor.

Each tonic will take 3 different plants, Bunsen fuel and a Glass Bottle. With these key ingredients the Doctor can brew numerous different tonics and ointments to fix the problems you may face on the frontier. The tonics that can be made along with their names can be seen below;
  • Health Tonic - Restores 25 HP
  • Iron Impervious Tonic : 15% Damage Resistance
  • Speeding Slave Stout : 100% Stamina Regeneration
  • Diminution indefatigability Tonic : -50% Stamina Drain
  • Expeditiousness Rubbing Oil : Run 20% Faster 
  • Lady Lucks Leaping Elixir : Jump 20% Higher
If the player has all the ingredients they can brew one of these tonics; but be warned these tonics don't last forever only lasting 10 minutes, and they take time to brew!

[Image: content.png]
With the new update comes new content for players to download. 

Even if you have the content install you will need to download the newest addon, that addon along with all the rest can be found in our content pack;

[Image: credits.png]
waythink - Creating the Update
Hosti - Modelling 
Joe Joe, Forgee, Luftbaffled - Drafting the Idea
Forgee - Thread Graphics
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Brings more purpose to the doctor role and travelling in the wilderness as a whole. Very nice update everyone!

Kind Regards
Server Administrator

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