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Joinable banner
Suggestion: A banner on the website which shows how many players are live that also let's you join the server by clicking it.

Details about the Suggestion: Other forums has it. Should be here as well so people can join easier. Might also give them more of an incentive to join if they see that there are others online etc. Also afaik there is no way to see how many people are on at the moment without starting up garry's mod.

Why is this needed?: Right now is a perfect example. I've been online playing other games and wanted to see if anyone was on JS but there is no banner therefore I can't just click it and join. Might sound like a really minor thing for some people but honestly still considering not starting garry's mod and look it up normally. I've been joining using banners ever since I knew about the function on FL for a long time and before that I usually joined via other people, but considering this is a brand new server it's not really an option all the time to join via others.

I personally think this is a 10/10 priority. I've been refreshing forums multiple times a day to see the playercount and the lack of that option disencourages me to join.

-Colt Benson
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Quite like the idea and is something we've discussed minorly, definately something we can look in to.
Now we're on gametracker, this is very doable.

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]

[Image: BkAtpSk.png]
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This would be very handy to have as it’s much easier for people o see how many people are on the server without loading gmod!


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Looking into this

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