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Kappatalist to Trial-Admin
[Image: K2J4Ing.png]
Greetings all,

As the days go on we've noticed there have been periods of time where there has been some players on but no staff, so we've been intentionally keeping an eye out for our first Trial-Admin. Today we are happy to announce the promotion of Kappatalist to Trial-Admin, not only is Kappatalist a dedicated and helpful individual but he has provided crucial help during the Beta-Testing stage along with early release of the server. Good Luck Kappatalist!
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  • Forgee, RedPanda, Kappatalist, Bobby, Steven8ken, TheSiphon, Strange Neo, Lewwings
Congrats Kappa lad great addition to the team fair play
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  • Kappatalist
Good work

[Image: ezgif-com-add-text.gif]
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  • Kappatalist
nice one

-Colt Benson
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  • Kappatalist
Nice 1 Kappa!
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  • Kappatalist
Congratulations and I'm sure that you will do an excellent job!
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  • Kappatalist
Congrats to the first TA of JaggedSprings!

[Image: BkAtpSk.png]
Hands up, criminal! Pay the fine right HERE!
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  • Kappatalist
Great to see this! Kappa is a great addition, no doubt.

Best of luck, my man!

[Image: giphy.gif]
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