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Optimisation & Bug Fixes #3
[Image: forumheaderdevelopment.png]

Greetings all,
Another round of changes and bug fixes has now been pushed to the servers! Since our release 3 days ago we've been had at work fixing the problems whether they be big and small in an attempt to make the gamemode as polished as possible.

Bug Fixes;
  • Other players notes can no longer be picked up with 'e'
  • Database Rollback issue should now be fixed
  • Player no longer freezes if the horse dies while riding it
  • Furnace chimney no longer has collisions
  • Map soundscapes no longer overwritten by confliction addons
  • Admin commands now print to chat
  • Stablehand now works with more resolutions
  • !respawn command added for staff usage
  • !slay command added for staff usage
  • Donator tab added to F1 menu
  • NLR timer now appears on the top of the screen after a death
  • Every 30 minutes Community Joining information is printed to chat
  • Players can now only spawn 1 furnace
  • Distillery price reduced to $1.50
  • Halved melee weapon damage
  • Donator Prop-limit increased to 50
  • Reduced Horses hit box
  • Reduced horses turning circle
We'd like to thank you all for your dedication and patience with the issues facing you, we hope that the bulk of the bug fixing is soon to be done at which point we will begin work on the next major Beta1.1 update.
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Good work fellas
horse changes were spot on
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