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Greenwood Notice Board

Buying guns
Looking to buy revolvers and shotguns under market price.
You can find me in the bayou. - Crooked Colt

Trench Gun
I'd like to buy a trench gun - Colt Benson

Everyone else are welcome to put up their own notices on this thread as well, as long as you follow the same theme

-Colt Benson
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  • Rame
Donator Bonds
Looking to buy donor bonds for 7.5$ each. PM Rame in-game!
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  • razz
I have an ol' trenchgun lying around.

[Image: JI7lWO2.png]
(24-12-2021, 12:25 AM)Forgee Wrote: I have an ol' trenchgun lying around.

How much do you want for it, feller?

-Colt Benson
Smith Carbines Needed
I'd like to get my hands on as many smith carbines as possible, for a better price than the market of course. Willing to pay 6 dollars per rifle. Look up Colt Benson in Greenwood

-Colt Benson
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