Fitz's Trial-Administrator Application.
How many hours do you have in-game?:
Around 75 Hours (probably more then that, but I don’t remember)

Roughly when did you join our server?:
Around 15-04-2021
Why do you want to be an administrator?:
I want to be an administrator because I always loved this server and I always wanted the best for the server, I can provide myself as a professional moderator that will conduct his duties in a no-bias and competent way. 
How many hours do you have on Garrys Mod?:
4.1k (10k+ hours if you count my previously deleted  steam account).
Do you have any previous experience?:
I have past experience in moderation/administrating, I also have a past of community management and managing roleplay as gamemaster leadership.

I have experience moderating on big community such as Icefuse, which I used to serve as a Senior Moderator on their Star Wars server, and I also served as a Administrator on their rust servers where I would investigate reports of possible cheats which then I would investigate and report my findings to higher staff and much more.
What is your SteamID?:
What is your Username?:
[JS] Fitz

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