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Remove guns from catalog
The idea:
Remove weapons from the F1 catalog for Gunsmiths. It could be entirely; so everything is 100% done by players or medium to higher tier weapons only, leaving the lower tier stuff to sell straight from the menu.

It would lead to an entirely, or almost entirely player run economy. Prices would fluctuate depending on the supply and demand. This is good because it creates a lot of RP for players, criminal groups could target suppliers to gunstores; perhaps rival workshops instead of targeting them directly. Suppliers would work with stores to keep prices down, or up; whatever their needs or goals are. With the weapons under the catalogue, prices can never vary too much else players will simply refuse to purchase them.

Especially in the beginning of the server, something that would be pretty evident would be the progression of groups. As groups get more powerful more weapons become available to them, it would feel natural and gives players something to work towards. Personally I think it might be best, for now at least, to restrict it to lower tier weapons with a smaller playerbase.
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I know that the shop NPCs might no longer sell weapons and if that's the case, I'm aware that there might be not much access to weapons. However, I don't see this as a bad thing since we do need the progression of groups as you said.

If a company could make a gun making business that would be cool, as they get richer, the better the guns they can afford to produce making everyone progress with that company and they could be a common brand people buy from rather than the NPC.

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I would absolutely love to eventually remove anything better than a peacemaker from the f1 menu and make it craftable, unfortunately I don't think its viable until a sustainable playerbase is created, supply and demand yadayada

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These are the weapons currently craftable.

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