Below is a list of rules in which the players are expected to read and following while using our services, these rules related to the in-game servers and are to encourage, support and protect the serious roleplaying environment. Due to the complexity it is impossible to cover every aspect of what is and isn’t allowed and players are encouraged to practice common sense before taking out any actions. If you are ever uncertain about any of the rules or whether something is or is not allowed ask a member of staff.

  1. General Server Rules

    1. Any form of hacks, cheats, abuse of glitching our exploits is strictly forbidden
    2. Double Accounting in any form is not allowed unless granted permission from a Community Manager
    3. Players should not do anything to avoid a roleplay or punishment such as change job or leave the server
    4. Discrimination is completely prohibited in Out of Character conversations however may be used for intricate roleplay within moderation
    5. You may not force people into Rp’s (Such as planting a gun on them to arrest them) without their permission, this however does not include RapeRP; which is not allowed at all.
      1. You should not change to a job to gain an advantage out of it, such as supplying guns to yourself when no other players are on. Both this and 1.5 are examples of Powergaming.
    6. Do not do unrealistic things out of context, these include things that generally wouldn’t be seen during the time period or in any form of RP and is a violation of FailRP
    7. You should avoid to 'ruleplay' by focusing on the OOC benefits of a situation in which could ruin IC interactions such as obtaining information to punish a player when IC actions could be more appropriate in the situation. Always prioritise roleplay over ruleplay
    8. Scamming is strictly forbidden. Players should also not attempt to steal any items which are part of a occurring transaction
    9. Do not purposely try and find loopholes in the rules.
  2. Violence and Combat

    1. When under gunpoint players should follow the orders of the instigator unless there is a reasonable chance that they can defend themselves. Examples include
      • If a gun is at the back of a players head and a command has been given; FearRP applies
      • If a gun is being pointed face-on at a range of 5m the player has a reasonable chance to defend themselves; FearRP can be waived
    2. Players should not kill people without a valid reason (RDM)
    3. Raids on property may only be performed by the following roles; Federal Marshall, Sheriff, Sheriff’s Deputy, McLouis Gang, Chacon Gang and any custom job as a Westerner role that fits the roleplay scenario.
    4. Players must forget what happened in their previous life (NLR) and should only remember essential information; such as what they own, where they live, and their character information.
      1. If informed about something that has happened in your previous life you may only respond to it when your NLR timer has expired (After 15 minutes)
      2. You are not to enter your death location unless you are travelling to another region and do not stay in your NLR zone
  3. Chat Rules

    1. While using any form of OOC players are expected to use English only; in-character conversations may use any international language
    2. OOC should not be used to advertise or sell in-game products (The only exception being donator products which may be advertised in OOC)
    3. Players should refrain from using OOC to argue or provoke others and any arguments should be kept from OOC
    4. OOC messages and staff requests should not be in full capital letters
  4. Tools, Props and Buildings

    1. Do not abuse the tools given to you such as the physgun, toolgun or the props themselves. Props should only be used for roleplay purposes and the physgun should only be used as a tool for building and not for pointing things out.
    2. Do not use your tools to obstruct entities or within peoples properties unless granted prior permission
    3. All dupes must be accurate to the time period (pre-1905) unless given prior permission
    4. All dupes must be realistically supported; for example a custom bridge would require realistic supports
  5. Base Rules

    1. Attackers must have a fair chance within a raid and so should also be provided some form of defence. Doomforting will be judged by the staff member present, and even though one may accept it at one point another staff member may disallow it when they are online.
    2. Bases must have at least one entrance and exit
    3. When creating a base it can only have a maximum of 2 custom lockable doors to get to the location; your friends doors also count towards this number.
    4. When using custom buttons for doors players may attempt to hide the button but not to the level where it would be virtually impossible to find it
  6. Law Enforcement Rules

    1. As Mayor you should make realistic laws; things such as prohibiting running and breathing would not be allowed
      1. Laws that affect players ways off life such as restricting business or outlawing gangs only applies to the city of Grillesville
      2. As the leader of the frontiers Government the Mayors life is seen as very valuable and should avoid conflict where they can
    2. As a member of the Sheriff Department or Federal Marshals you should not randomly raid properties, you must have reasonable cause to search a property, such as; Moonshining inside, harbour an outlaw, etc.
    3. Members of the Sheriff Department or Federal Marshalls may be corrupt and turn a blind eye to certain crimes however they cannot simply ignore all crimes and assist the outlaws.
    4. Do not attempt to harm any member of the Government.
    5. The government may work with custom groups such as Bounty Hunters or opposing outlaw factions, however this does not mean that the custom groups have to follow government protocol.
    6. When raiding a property the Sheriff Department or Federal Marshalls should ensure to act in a manner respective to the situation, so for example they would not rush into a building with a hostage inside.
  7. Outlaw Rules

    1. When mugging you may only mug someone for $0.50, you may not mug the same group or individual for 15 minutes afterwards. (If you decide to mug as a group you may also only take $0.50 off the individual)
    2. Outlaws may extort business', however they may only extort them at a rate of $1 every 30 minutes.
    3. If you have taken a hostage you may demand at max $2 per person for their release, you may not hostage the same group or individual for 30 minutes afterwards.
      1. When you have taken a hostage you must look after them and so you cannot leave them unattended in a property
    4. You need a valid reason to raid a property and so cannot raid for no reason. Valid reasons for raiding include; Moonshining operations, oppression by the Mayor, threats made to an individual, etc.
    5. The following roles are prohibited from performing illegal activities such as mugging, hostaging and moonshining; members of the Government, Westerner (Unless you have a custom job), Doctor, Arms Dealer, Chef.
      1. Do not perform illegal activities with other roles; so a member of the McLouis gang would not raid with a Chacon Gang.
    6. You must not commit major crimes within the centre of the town and should seek quieter areas to perform crime

Rule Explanations


Powergaming occurs when a player is forced into an RP or force the RP down a certain path. By dictating or forcing an RP on someone you are giving yourself an unfair advantage, examples of this include; placing evidence on someone so you can arrest them, or joining a specific role to supply items to yourself. Other examples include;

“/me steals the Sheriffs keys and breaks out of jail”, this is an example of powergaming as you are forcing the Sheriff to release you without proper grounding. “/me breaks the Mayor's neck, killing him”, this is also an example of powergaming as you are forcing a player's character to die without the player's permission. It would be better to do “/me attempts to break the Mayors neck” which would then allow the other party to have their input


A player is meta-gaming when they use any form of OOC (Out of Character) information to give them an In-character advantage. Only information obtained In-character should be used and any information which has been put in OOC which may give an IC advantage should be ignored. Information such as job names, character names should not be used either as you wouldn’t directly know these in-character unless previously informed

New Life Rule (NLR)

After a death has occurred a player may not return to the same location for 10 minutes, and the same situation for 15 minutes. You may return to a raid if called in and your NLR timer has expired. When a death occurs you must forget what happened in your previous life such as who killed you and how you died however you may remember prudent information such as the details of your character, their friends, etc.


A doomfort is any base fortification which gives an unfair advantage to the defender and makes it nearly impossible for the attacking party to win. When making bases player should use common sense so its fair for both parties. If you are unsure what qualifies as a doomfort then you should ask a member of staff. Bases should not contain the following;

  • Complex Mazes
  • Tiny shooting holes
  • Tight corridors
  • Cover which does not expose the upper-chest to head of a player
  • Raised or lowered platforms to make players crouch or jump
  • Props which hinder the players aim or movement


This agreement between the player and Jaggedsprings Community shows the term and procedures you as the player accepts when joining or accessing one of our services, whether it be the game servers, discord, website or any other of our services. To ensure you understand our Terms of Service it is highly advised you read the entirety of the document, any negligence with failure to read the Terms of Service is down to the player entirely and are still accountable for any punishments issued in their absence of following the Terms of Service. If a player has a query regarding their planned actions and are unsure if it violates the Terms of Service they should make it their immediate goal to contact a Community Manager for clarity.

Section A - The Agreement, Acceptances and any Changes

  1. What is covered within the agreement? The agreement within the Terms of Service is for any of the services provided by Jaggedsprings Community, whether it be its servers, website, discord or any other affiliate servers or services. This agreement also covers server base rules and even though may not cover every area players are encouraged to exercise common sense while using the services to ensure they do not misuse our services.

  2. Accepting the agreement By playing on our using any of our services you are agreeing to following the agreement. If you do not wish to agree to the terms you may not use our services

  3. Age of agreeable consent To use any of our services the player is expected to be of the age of the ‘Steam Subscriber Agreement’ which is 13 years of age with parental/legal guardians permission or are over the age of 18.

  4. Can the agreement be altered/amended after it's already been accepted? To ensure the security of our community and its players Jaggedsprings may update its Terms of Service at any given time without informing the community prior to this change. It will be made apparent when the changes have been made and attempting to or using the services after the change of date will then mean the new terms apply to you. It is the responsibility of the player to read any updates made both to the Terms of Service or the rules themselves.

  5. Changing the services At any given point Jaggedsprings may change the services it provides or limit/suspend your use of the services if you breach the current agreement in any way. Players may only use one account on our services (Unless granted permission) and so if your account is suspended you may no longer use any of our services.

  6. What changes may we expect? To ensure the services are up to our standards the services may be altered/amended at any time to ensure improvements are made. Areas of the services may be expanded or completely suspended dependent on the nature of the situation.

  7. Third-Party system agreements Any other services which are required to play Jaggedsprings such as applications, advertisements as well as content and other things are covered under the agreement of the respective companies and by playing on our services it is our understanding that you have agreed to those terms.

  8. How I can use the services and how the services can use my account By using our services you are agreeing to use the services for personal usage and not commercial. Use of the services for commercial gain is strictly forbidden. Your account is your responsibility and so any access of another individual to your account is your responsibility and if the player does not meet our age consent you will be held accountable as the legal representative.

  9. What can I not do while using the Jaggedsprings services? The services provided by Jaggedsprings and its Third-Party services may not be used to;

  • Harm, threaten, harass or impersonate another person, organisation or Jaggedsprings itself
  • Redistribute any of the services provided by Jaggedsprings; whether it be its content, gamemode, Terms of Service or any of its produce.
  • Limit the services themselves, whether it be disabled their ability to functioning or impairing some of its key systems
  • Use of any system which may give an unfair advantage over other players. Such as bots, cheats, hacks or exploits
  • Obtain any data which has not been publicly released or use the services related software to alter, develop or update unauthorized software or systems.

You may not use these services to attempt to decompile, download, modify or access our services and content in any way in an attempt to copy/rework game mechanics, systems or backend development in an attempt to affect gameplay or for your own personal use.

Any information which is distributed to the player in confidence; whether it be generally or due to position within the team is expected to remain confidential, and so players with this classified information are expected not to leak this to any other members inside or out of the community. Anyone found to be leaking confidential information or scapegoating those who are doing it are to be held accountable for their actions and may be suspended from our services.

As a player you must not in any way attempt to assist anyone who may be attempting to maliciously use or violate our Terms of Service. Any breach of this or the agreement itself will result in a suspension from all the services.

Section B - Extent of the agreement

  1. What does this cover? Jaggedsprings will not share any personal information provided by players however if you choose to share this information that is up to you as the player and any redistribution or replication from that point onwards is the liability of the distributor not Jaggedsprings community.

  2. Is it only Jaggedsprings that has access to my data? Any information which is published to Jaggedsprings may be used, redistributed or replicated by any of our third party affiliates and are provided on the basis that they are for the use continued use of our services

  3. Limits of this agreement Any data or content provided by a player is expected to follow the regulations listed throughout this document and any failure to follow this agreement as well as local law can result in completely removal from our services including our reserved right to remove any of your data or content, as well as permanently remove you from the services if deemed necessary.

Section C - Data Protection

Under the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ Jaggedsprings will comply with these regulations if and when a player requests a full removal of their personal information. Jaggedsprings holds the rights to remember a player's unique steam identification for security purposes.

Section D - Donation

Jaggedsprings does not not provide any services, products or other such transactions however we do accept donations, and are not required to provide any services in return. Refunds will also not be issued. Jaggedsprings is not a business as we provide our services to you without charge and any and all donations are entirely on the users behalf and optional.

  1. Donation Usage All donations to are completely on the users behalf and are as the name states a “Donation” (Gift). Jaggedsprings is not liable to provide any services and or products for each donation. However we do have preset packages as detailed above.

  2. Payment Credential Billing Jaggedsprings accepts Paypal as a secure and legitimate transaction method we expect and trust you to use correct and accurate information.

  3. Refunding Policies All transactions with Jaggedsprings are non-refundable unless required by law.

  4. Suspension And Punishment If you are unable to access our services due to a punishment or disciplinary action we will not issue refunds nor provide any compensation for the loss of access.

  5. Abusing payment systems Abusing any payment methods by wrongfully charging back donations will result in disciplinary action, usually resulting in a permanent suspension from services.

  6. Warranties Jaggedsprings Community and any affiliates make no warranties, and any loses due to downtime, technical failure or anything similar. This means any loses may be provided in good gesture by the community however hold no right to. The community managers and the team can not be held responsible for any actions that may occur on our services.

Section E - Liabilities and Legalities

  1. The legal aspects The agreement as listed is a contract between the player and Jaggedsprings which is accepted once a player uses/accesses our services. This agreement can and will be held to the highest extent of permitted law. Any misinterpretation of the agreement falls on the negligence of the player and not the community or team itself. This agreement may be applied in whole or in part to you as a player at any time without prior information. Any additional information regarding or Terms of Services should be requested from a community manager.

  2. No Waiver Following the agreement any violation may not be punished instantly and so any violations may be enforced at a later date as we do not waiver the right to punish in the future.

  3. Third-Party Terms of Service The agreement is for the benefit of both the community (Jaggedsprings) and its players, this agreement does not cover any third-party applications Terms of Service.

  4. Limitations of our Liability If in the case of any lack of services caused by internal or external factors, Jaggedsprings are no way liable to provide any form of reimbursement for any financial or punitive losses. This relates to;

  • Any data losses
  • Any viruses that may be obtained
  • Incompatibilities, delays and failures that may occur while on the services
  • Any downtime that may occur on any of our services
  • Any misinterpretation, breach of contract, deception or negligence.

Section F - Financial Notices

Jaggedsprings Community is not in any way a third-party dealer and so members are not expected to conduct any business dealings in an attempt to make profit. Use of our services as a business model is not permitted and so Jaggedsprings will not promote products. Under Section 4 any donations made are treated as a ‘gift’ and are acquired and tax accordingly.

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